MD Desk

Dr P. Sudha Padmasri MD., DGO,
Asst. Professor, Andhra Medical College,
Consultant Obstetrician & amp; Gynaecologist.
Specialty in Infertility and Gynaec Laparoscopy Padmasri Hospitals is established to provide quality treatment at a reasonable cost. Over the year, we provided affordable treatment, which generated patient volumes leading to a responsible surplus that enabled us to invest in state-of-the-art equipment.


I am delighted that Padmasri Hospitals has emerged as a premier health care destination through the successful address of a number of challenges.

The hospital responded through the following initiatives :

  • Institution of a new and professional management.
  • Mobilization of adequate funds to invest in modern assets.
  • Selective recruitment to enhance skills and competencies.
  • Generation of a word-of-mouth publicity, more effective than all advertisements.
  • Conduct of medical audits under the supervision of the managing director.
  • Creation of an academic committee to keep doctors and visiting consultants abreast of the latest medical and technology advancements.